Hugging in School

A Middle School in New Jersey had a kerfuffle about a directive from
the Principal that students took as, "No hugging in school." In an
attempt to clarify, the principal sent out a voice message saying that
no student would be suspended for hugging, but that hugging can
sometimes be inappropriate and the school wishes to discourage
inappropriate behavior. Besides, school is for academics.

That got me thinking. I don't recall any hugging at St. Agnes in
Arlington, and certainly not in St. Joseph's in Somerville when I went
to these schools. A nun might smile at you now and then, and any
hugging of an actual girl would have to be done in private. A brother
might refrain from bopping you one or scowling and there were no girls
in the school so that settled that. And yes, these schools do produce
students who earn generally superior scores and college admissions in
similar neighborhoods with similar student populations.