Following Directions

Last summer we went to Maine to attend L.L. Bean's one day course for beginners in clay pigeon shooting with shotguns.  I bagged a few.  Shot is much more forgiving than a bullet would be--you only need to get within a few feet.  We were told and shown how to hold the rifle.  You do not want the butt away from your body--you want to absorb all the kick safely.  But in the excitement, I forgot.  Greenhorn that I was, I held the gun away from myself , which meant that the rifle butt now became a battering ram aimed at my upper arm.  See the result of NOT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. The photo shows the contusion after a day or two; it began as a small bruise the size of a quarter. Ah, the beauty of nature.

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Ouch! I take it your arm is back to normal color now. You must have seen it through some lovely shades. Did Laura shoot, too?

Hmm. Just when I was on the verge of coming over to breathe your air, you mention you have guns/gun accidents. Have to think twice.

Laura did shoot. Followed directions and didn't hit a thing. I bagged several clay disks, but did it my way.
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