Incel--the Endpoint of the Welfare State

“The 25-year-old man accused of mowing down pedestrians in Toronto with a van, killing 10 people and injuring 15 more, reportedly warned of an “Incel Rebellion” on Facebook before the attack, says Fox News. What is “incel” you ask? It stands for “involuntary celibates” and refers to low beta males or maybe gamma males who can’t get the women they want and are angry. Apparently, the group claims that since women will have nothing to do with them, the government should supply them with prostitutes.

I learned of all this in the last hour from a friend. After my initial shock and surprise, I realized that these losers are being perfectly consistent with Obama’s Jula ad and the trend of our beloved Welfare State. If safety is a right, if food is a right, if housing is a right, if education is a right, if healthcare is a right, if gender euphoria is a right, then why is sex not a right?

Of course, if these turn out to be a bunch of libertarian free market types or paleo cons, then they are crazy hypocritical whining narcissists. But if they are sjw types, or Democrats in general, then they are simply being consistent.

Just what IS the endpoint of the Welfare State? And how can we distinguish it from the Safety Net for those inclined to look to Big Brother, Sister Government to solve all problems.