liberal fascism vs classical liberalism


"Liberal Fascism" Explained succinctly here:

More seriously, Obama did not just run on skin color (though that certainly helped). He ran on a platform of a sort of "liberal fascism," an ideology that is accepting of all ideas and parties so long as those ideas do not include private property, individual liberty, economic freedom, or any of the other ideas of classical liberalism including Christianity (Christianity has not always been an ally of classical liberalism, but I believe the reason the religion is targeted by the Left is because it is a religion which has made terms with and can coexist with classical liberalism). Understand they don't call themselves fascism, but if you read the book which goes by that name, you'll understand why I do call them that.
The ideology is extremely difficult to define because of this superficial diversity; you can be anything you want, so long as you're not a christian or an advocate of classical liberalism (they also don't work with fascists anymore, since fascism has been so UTTERLY discredited, but they did prior to WWII), but I'll give it a shot.

The utopian vision of this new liberal fascism is one of environmental friendliness, sustainable living, economic activity regulated for the good of the earth, and some new system of economic distribution such that everyone will always have everything they need (food, housing and health care, mainly) with nobody being truly poor and with only small differences between rich and poor. It focuses on group rights (women, minorities, gays) instead of individual rights, and on the welfare of the community (as necessary to preserve the environment and enact social justice) rather than the individual. Because of this, it must rely on coercion to enforce its tenents, and for human nature to change in order to destroy the basic idea of working for personal gain. These are the fundamental facts which link it to totalitarian ideas and sever it from classical liberalism, since classical liberalism believes in the right of the individual to his own life and happiness and only sanctions the use of force in retaliation.