Trump Reforms the Press: a Vision

That the major news outlets are biased to the left and strongly anti-Republican is settled science at this point. So too for humanities departments of our academies. Classic liberals and center-right thinkers worry about this situation, since an open society needs the fair airing of all views and a shared conception of what constitutes the public domain.  If, for example, the press witholds significant information about current events, the voting public will of necessity base decisions on flawed data.

This has long been the status quo.

Along comes Trump. He attacks the press. He calls them out in a way that college students cannot call out their overlords. And now, he freezes them out and replaces them with center-right or conservative ("far-right" in media speak, "fascist" in internet/street speak) news outlets, like Townhall.  The press goes mad. This is WRONG. Why? Because those outlets are BIASED. He needs to go back to us, the arbiters of TRUTH. Oh wait, Truth died with God and our profs explained that if we in the press are not part of the solution we are part of the problem. But now we see the light. Unbiased is better.

So, at least Trump may succeed in this: to force the hypocrites to pay the tribute due to our Enlightened, Founding Virtue: Rigorous Support for Freedom of Speech.