"What Were They Thinking?" Department

Residents of a Dutch town say they've endured "psychological torture" due to a "singing" road, prompting officials to close it after only one official day in use.

The road, equipped with special strips on the asphalt, plays the tune to the anthem of the province of Friesland when cars drive over them at 60 mph. 

Although created as a novelty, but also to improve road safety, residents of a nearby village said the constant noise was irritating and keeping them up at all hours of the night.

"I'm going nuts. You can't sit outside and you can't sleep at night," said Sijtze Jansma. 

The BBC reports a spokesman for Friesland province said the strips were installed Friday as an experiment on how to "influence the behavior of our drivers," but added, "I was there myself and if you're living there it was unpleasant."