My New Playbook

Owning a Playbook


 Handwriting is so far a bust on the Playbook. 

 But this use in classroom looks nice—the multi tasking comes in handy in a lecture situation.

 And book reading via Kobo/Borders is working well, though I still prefer paper books.

 Since it supports HTML-5, I am hoping for a working version of Zotero for it some day soon.  That makes it a great portable research assistant.

 Techsmith just announced for Ipad ScreenChomp—and mention it for e-tutoring.

 I am jealous and covetous and full of envy.  But that is Sin.  Instead, I continue to enjoy the Playbook.  Got a leather case and pen for it.  The pen tip is basically a rubber ball, sort of an end of the finger clone.  Lousy for handwriting.