God Fight

"God is dead. We have killed him." Nietzsche said that in 1885.

But folks still argue the matter. Here is a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Mark. D. Roberts from Hugh Hewitt radio show.

(The mp3 files were download when these podcasts were made freely available to the public. They take a while to download, but are worth the wait.)

This is a good example of civil discussion of a controversy. Hitchens, is bold in asserting as a matter of FACT that "there is no such person" as God. I suspect he knows that he cannot know that, but wants to make his point forcefully. He believes that religion has done more harm than good and that we would be better of without it. Roberts, a theologian, must answer the charge that God, if he exists, is a monster and not deserving of our love. And he must show that it is reasonable to believe the Bible.

Lively stuff.