Election Day 1992

Caerphilly, South Wales

My late wife Allie and our family car were pressed in to service to help get every vote out.

Allie and I were to collect Labour voters and take them to the polling station.

One woman told us that she wanted to vote but had to wait for her husband who expected to have his tea on the table on arrival from work. He would be displeased if he got home to find she wasn't there.

Allie assured her that we'd get her back before he arrived. It would only take a minute.

The voter beamed. She and her kids piled in and off we shot.

After the deed had been done the delighted voter and kids were then taken back home. It had been fun for them.

A hungry and disgruntled husband was waiting on the doorstep. We hadn't been quick enough.

A Tale of Two Tweets

This is what being a partisan will do to you...

Tweet 1
Senator Jeff Merkley‏Verified account @SenJeffMerkley

Thank you for your leadership RT @SenatorReid Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to consider filibuster reform. It had to be done.

2:10 PM - 21 Nov 2013

Four years later...

Tweet 2
Senator Jeff Merkley‏Verified account @SenJeffMerkley

The dark deed is done. McConnell has just put a knife into the heart of our We the People republic.

11:51 AM - 6 Apr 2017

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"Bridge of Spies"--a Cartoon

I started to watch Speilburg's "Bridge of Spies" today. I stopped after a while because I felt that I was was watching an animated comic book, albeit by a very skillful artist. I admired the opening with its focus on eyes, eyeglasses, images. etc. I was aware of deft directing and fine acting. But the plot and its analogy lost me for good. The average American is supposed to have feared Communist spies as much as and in the same way as a Clansman would an interracial couple moving in next door. The film rightly asserts that politically and morally (in the sense of the mores of the polis) the Constitution is paramount, and then pretends that no one, not even a judge, knows that or cares. The tension between law and need is real enough, but the depiction here is too stark.